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Christopher S Vick

Licensed Real Estate Broker


Chris Vick has unparalleled training and experience in Seniors' Real Estate, Home Health Care, Finance, Wealth Management and much more.

He can help to guide you through the financial and emotional challenges of selling a long-held family home.

We can Create a customized plan to market and sell your property. Understanding your unique needs and creating a customized plan to ensure your home meets those needs now and in the future.  Utilizing specialized knowledge in reverse mortgages, 401(k) accounts, and IRAs for your real estate transaction.
Connecting you with their vast network of movers, attorneys, home inspectors, and other experts to help you through the process



Seniors 1st Realty leads the way in the ever changing world of seniors real estate.  We have unique experience with Senior’s issues and the keen ability and know-how to help guide you through the process. We make the transition less stressful and more successful. 

Chris has has been selling real estate since 1991.  He is an experienced owner and operator of A Moment's Notice Health Care in Vero Beach Forida. 

Chris also has years of banking and financial planning experience. Including mortgage and construction lending. 

How can SENIORS 1ST REALTY Help You?

Whether you are considering aging in place, downsizing, purchasing a rental property, or even up-sizing to a new location, dealing with real estate transactions and choices can be a confusing maze to negotiate, even for experienced home buyers. Beyond the complexity of real estate transactions, Seniors are often more sophisticated shoppers and can benefit from a knowledgeable real estate broker.  We can help in many other ways as well.  We do more than the average brokerage.

"Chris has experience in senior’s issues and the keen ability and know-how to help guide you through the process.  He made the transaction much less stressful and more successful." say Bob & Karen Y. Chris sold my father's home after he died.  A Moment's Notice Health Care took care of him at home.  Allowing him to age in place with dignity until he passed away. 

Benefits of using Chris Vick at SENIORS 1ST REALTY includes:

A customized approach to your living situation that fits in with your overall life plan. We can help with a difficult move.  We often work with families who are hundreds of miles away from their loved ones who need more help than is usually offered by most real estate companies.  We also work with selling real estate that has been included in an Estate.

Chris was first licensed in Florida in 1991.  He has had hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate transactions, both residential and commercial.  He has acted as a court ordered receiver for the least cost resolutions for properties and businesses. 

How can Chris and SENIORS 1ST REALTY help you plan your housing needs?

SENIORS 1ST REALTY focuses on helping the elderly and their families through very hard situations.   Chris and his wife Jeannine own A Moment's Notice Health Care in Vero Beach, Florida.  We have years of experience with helping the elderly and affirmed with their activities of daily living.  Chris can also help to find professional to modify homes to allow seniors to age in place. 

We understand Senior housing options.

Chris Vick has had a great deal of training and experience with all of the options for senior housing. Much more than simply aging in place in your current home or moving to an assisted living facility or retirement home. 

Part of understanding senior-specific housing is knowing the type of features that seniors will eventually need in a home. Things such as no step entries, one story floor plans, wider doorways, open floor plans with extra floor space, senior-friendly bathrooms, and more features designed to help seniors live comfortably without feeling like they have turned their home into a hospital ward.

We can refer you to specialists such as Elder Law and Estate Planners; Home Modification experts; if needed to age in place.